Why QYZ?



It is bio-technology


(1) The ingredients are fermented at least 1-3 years. During such a long fermentation time, all the processes are accurately controlled to ensure the fermentation is correct.

(2) We have developed the golden ratio among the ingredients to multiply the functional efficiency.


Based on years’ research and development, we have found that different ratio of the materials produce a different effect result. For example, when the ratio of material A and material B is 1:2, then the overall effect is doubled. We have found out the best golden ratio among the ingredients. This enhances the effects of the QYZ products and always makes the products function speedily.


(3) Using the most advanced biotechnology and strain purification techniques, QYZ enhance and sublimate the nutrition. It transcends other products on the market.


(4) Unique biotechnologically concentrated extraction and symbiotic fermentation process produce high concentration of effective substance. Guan Hong also implements a special Freeze-Dry technique to double the effect.