QYZ®, the fermented Vital concentrates use fresh organic vegetables, fruits, seeds, herbs, and more. Through unique biotechnology, such as pure probiotic and symbiotic fermentation, the ingredients are fermented to complete maturity at least one to three years. Highest enzyme activities of biomolecules are maintained and meanwhile it generates natural pleasant aroma and an intense flavor. Because of long term fermentation, QYZ® is full of love and it is a "Slow Food" which carries much higher activate energy and fine molecules for our body to absorb easily .


The vital liquid stays in the original fermented dense condition without any water dilution before bottling. It contents the highest energy. The natural pleasant flavor let us enjoy the drinking. When others drink cognac, we recommend QYZ® fermented Liquids. With QYZ®, we can enjoy drinking as well as a healthy life.


QYZ® vital enzyme Liquid is a very high density fluid; the QYZ enzyme powder is even stronger. 100Kg QYZ® enzyme Liquid is condensed to only 5Kg powder. Such high, strong energy yields the liquid-powder to be able to speedily take effect, even in only a few minutes after consuming (from customers’ feedback).


Total 14 sorts of QYZ® functional enzymes cover most of the modern people’s daily needs. With the combinations of QYZ® products, there are solutions for various requirements. Welcome your inquiry!



QYZ Radiant Beauty

QYZ ImmuLux

QYZ Bone & Joint

QYZ Vitality Activ

QYZ Restful Night

QYZ LivLuck

QYZ 50+ Beauty

QYZ Comfort Digest

QYZ Super Eyesight

QYZ Pollen Free

QYZ PulsFit


QYZ Colon Clean


QYZ NaturForm


QYZ MetabolEnergy


QYZ Forever Good Form Set




(*Comfort Digest, Colon Clean and MetabolEnergy contain gluten)