Brand Story

The founder of Guan Hong, Joyce Lin, was the pioneer in producing vegetarian food in Taiwan in the 1990’s. She founded not only a vegetarian food factory but also opened over 10 vegetarian restaurants in and around Taiwan. Ms. Lin’s meals were so delicious and high class, that she was invited by China Airlines to create vegetarian meals for their air-passengers.


Due to the heavy work load, Ms. Lin collapsed. Without the least hesitation, she put down all the businesses and decided on a much needed deep resting period in Australia. There she learned natural medicine concepts, including homeopathy. In order to recover her health, Ms. Lin found enzymes to be the most powerful and effective. After years of development with cutting-edge-biotechnology, she successfully designed various functional enzyme products for different physical problems. Because of the unique technologies involved, Taiwan government grants many subsidies for R&D projects in Guan Hong.


Joyce Lin is now also a writer in enzymes and she is named as 'Enzymes-Grandma'. She has been invited to many interviews from TV, Radio stations and to lecturers in research institutes, Government etc. What she wishes is to share these incredible 100% plant based products to let people easily obtain their precious health again.






Aim to create, “for the benefit of humanity’s overall health of body and soul“, high quality products, and bring humankind good health, youth, beauty, complete joy and spiritual improvement.




1.Development of health-related products that truly benefit the public: with the use of mostly organic materials, without the use of preservatives, chemical additives, chemical coloring, as well as any ingredients harmful to human health.


2.100% Plant-based: create the most effective and most versatile functional enzymes products, use of the most advanced biotechnology techniques, bacteria purification technology, combined with diet concept, natural fruit and vegetable raw materials, enzyme-based, to create the most progressive and best quality functional food, health care food, dietary and other related food products.


3.Implement Quantum Code technology to the products: improve quality and provide high-energy, high volatility, high consciousness of food products.